"Who placed the Jews in the bourgeois stratum of the state"

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Main Author: Glässer Norbert
Format: Article
Published: 2018
Series:Religion Culture Society 5 5
Online access:http://publicatio.bibl.u-szeged.hu/15241
Summary:The study examined the question of veneration of the king, confessionalization and state patriotism in the Jewish denominational press before 1944 through the example of the attitude towards the ruler and the authorities of the Jewish communities interpreting themselves in the historical life-world of the diaspora. The life-worlds of the Monarchy experienced on a denominational basis fundamentally determined the experiences, possibilities for action, interpretations, discourse tradition and perspectives of their members. In the case of the Jews the ways in which denominational discourse traditions were shaped and the ways of relating to the broader social environment were influenced by the traditions of Judaism, the possibilities and limitations of the changing society, and by the appearance of modern ideals of nation.
Physical Description:43-53