Boldogasszony virágai

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Main Author: Koltay Erika
Format: Book part
Published: 2001
Series:Szegedi vallási néprajzi könyvtár 7
Boldogasszony : Szűz Mária tisztelete Magyarországon és Közép-Európában 7
Keywords:Mária-tisztelet - Magyarország, Folklór - magyar, Népi vallásosság - magyar, Ikonográfia - keresztény
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Summary:The essay introduces some flowers naming after Virgin Mary and in connection with the Assumptionfeast. The author gives the Latin, the Hungarian and the popular name of the plants. In case of some flowers we can read about the cultural historical background, too. The paper is also dealing with the bunches consecrated on the day of the Assumption in Hajós, a village at the Danube. She lists the flowers of the bunch and writes about its function in the community. The consacrated bunch of Hajós is illustrated by sorra photos, too.
Physical Description:318-332
ISBN:963 482 319 X