Dinasztikus és nemzeti kultuszok a magyar nyelvű budapesti orthodox zsidó sajtóban, 1892-1944

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Main Author: Glässer Norbert
Format: Book part
Published: 2015
Series:A vallási kultúrakutatás könyvei
Mózes kőtáblái a hármashalmon : zsidó hagyomány és szimbolikus politika határán
Keywords:Zsidók története - Magyarország - 19-20. sz.
Online access:http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/67340
Summary:In my paper I examine Orthodox Jewish community values and the responses given to civil religion in the Hungarian-language Budapest Jewish weekly papers before 1944. These are the responses of a journalism elite of different urbanis-ing religious communities to the trends towards individualisation as well as to changing attitudes towards the past and community traditions. In the investiga-tion of the Budapest Hungarian-language Jewish press, I regard modernity as a process. Modernity brought unprecedented new challenges and the communities were constantly forced to respond. The question of Hungarian civil religion that was emerging in that period is a good example of the attitude towards the state and legislation.The Hungarian-language Orthodox papers formulated the responses for the unprecedented new challenges in the mirror of the chain of tradition. This means that they seek precedents for the challenges, often regarded by scholarship today as without precedent, in the mirror of religious tradition reaching back to the revelation, and find a way of incorporating them or where no way is found, reject them. The opinion of the journalism and publishing elite is not independent of the real community life. It was not only the press but also the institutional system above the communities that created the new phenomenon of modernity. The (Central) Orthodox Office or Neolog Office serving national representation can also be regarded as such an institution. The elite editors and journalists of the Hungarian-language Orthodox or Neolog papers in Budapest were in close contact with the Central Office, as secretaries, legal consultants or in some other capacity.
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